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“I am Paul. A Servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert.”

-Paul of Tarsus


World renowned Spiritual Healer/Spiritual Surgeon


Each clinic’s details are listed in the drop down menu above. There is a Google map and also a hand drawn map with directions available to download and print on each page.

You can also use the Network Rail page if you wish to travel by train.

The cost per session for healing is £40 for Walcote clinic and £35 for Scarborough clinic.

To help as many people as possible we have kept our fees to an absolute minimum and far below those charged by many other healers.

We believe our huge testimonial list (many from doctors), along with the BBC documentaries and word-of-mouth recommendations from many, many former patients, clearly demonstrates the amazing healing that Spirit Paul performs on a daily basis through Ray Brown.

If you are considering booking an appointment please don’t delay as many clinics are booked far in advance.
There are usually cancellations but a 4 week wait is not uncommon.

We are sorry but we do not have a facility for card payments, please be prepared to pay by cheque or cash

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Disclaimer **

Ray Brown is not medically trained and relies on guidance from the spirit known as Paul of Tarsus. The validity and success of their healing method can not be guaranteed. Each person must make up their own mind and understand the healing method is not a medical process. 

You may wish to watch the BBC documentaries and read the testimonials to help you form your own opinion.

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