“I am Paul. A Servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert.”

-Paul of Tarsus


World renowned Spiritual Healer/Spiritual Surgeon


The International Church of Saint Paul (ICSP) is our church incorporating church ministry and spiritual healing. In 2019 both aspects of the charity were amalgamated for ease of definition  and administration. The principal church is at head office where ministers are trained for service in their communities.

Paul of Tarsus is a true ambassador for Spirit, and when he lived on earth about 2000 years ago, was the author of thirteen of the twenty seven books forming the New Testament, with perhaps the most quoted being from his letters to the people of Corinth. He now works as a highly respected spiritual surgeon through the trance mediumship of Raymond Brown, our President.

Paul explains to us that just as the earth plane has evolved over the centuries, so has Spirit, and it is these modern truths and teachings that he brings to us from the higher realms.

Our ministers teach the spiritual truths brought to us by Paul and are also trained to conduct Christenings, Solomnization of Marriage, Funerals and other services.

The painting of St. Paul above is by a psychic artist and has been confirmed as a true likeness by Paul himself.

Disclaimer **

Ray Brown is not medically trained and relies on guidance from the spirit known as Paul of Tarsus. The validity and success of their healing method can not be guaranteed. Each person must make up their own mind and understand the healing method is not a medical process. 

You may wish to watch the BBC documentaries and read the testimonials to help you form your own opinion.