“I am Paul. A Servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert.”

-Paul of Tarsus


World renowned Spiritual Healer/Spiritual Surgeon


Dear Paul,

I wanted to write and thank you for all the healing and energy you have given me over the past few months.  Having been ill with M.E. for over 15 years I had begun to doubt whether I would ever  be completely free of the illness.  I had tried alternative medicines with some success but I was still left feeling that there was some underlying problem which was not being sorted.  Since seeing you my various aches and pains have gradually subsided, and my energy levels have consistently improved to the point where not only do you feel that I am well enough to continue without further sessions but more importantly I feel confident that I am well enough to do so.

After years of my body being sluggish and energyless I now feel vitality again and optimistic about the future.

I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so enthusiastically. Many thanks for all the help and to your ICHF group healers  who have also contributed to my well being.    Richard Lamb/29 September 1995

Disclaimer **

Ray Brown is not medically trained and relies on guidance from the spirit known as Paul of Tarsus. The validity and success of their healing method can not be guaranteed. Each person must make up their own mind and understand the healing method is not a medical process. 

You may wish to watch the BBC documentaries and read the testimonials to help you form your own opinion.