A Mere Grain of Sand


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When is Ray Brown not Ray Brown? When he is St Paul. This conundrum sums up the momentous central claim of this extraordinary book – that St Paul is personally working through Britain’s leading spiritual healer, Ray Brown, to provide modern evidence that all humanity survives physical death.

Ray Brown is a trance medium and for up to seven hours each working day he allows his body to be occupied by a remarkable ‘spiritual surgeon’ who in the past forty years has undisputedly healed thousands of people which conventional medicine could not help in Britain, Africa, Europe and Asia.

That surgeon says he is Paul of Tarsus, who 2,000 years ago helped found the Christian religion. Employing advanced medical science techniques, he says he has returned not only to heal and ease suffering but to teach a non-Christian spirituality and answer positively that age-old question: do we really survive physical death?

This dramatically intertwined story of Ray, his wife Gillian and Paul could easily grace a Hollywood blockbuster. While training to be a trance medium, Ray’s own life was a white-knuckle roller coaster ride through childhood traumas, several near-fatal accidents, two turbulent marriages and a desperate, botched suicide attempt. Only Gillian's arrival, contrived by Paul, brought a vital stability to his healing mission. Despite the great magnitude of the book’s claimed revelations, the essential humility of its central figure is reflected in its title.

‘I am just Paul,’ he says. ‘A servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert.’

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