“I am Paul. A Servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert.”

-Paul of Tarsus


World renowned Spiritual Healer/Spiritual Surgeon



Throughout my years working as a Consultant in the Health Service I have had a deep concern with the nature of the healing process, which influences my work as a psychiatrist and medical psychotherapist.  As well as publishing a number of papers in this field,   I undertook practical studies at the College of Healing and joined the Scientific and Medical Network, an international body of scientists, doctors and other health professionals who are concerned with widening and extending our understanding of scientific research and knowledge to include the spiritual dimension.  As a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of Psychiatrists, I regard the mind/body connection as crucial.  Indeed, I believe that our understanding of the psyche-soma will hold the key to developments in medicine in the 21st cenury.

My contact with Ray Brown followed from a television documentary in which his healing practice was described.  I have spent a number of days observing his clinical work at first hand.  Working under the guidance of his higher spiritual source, Ray Brown as ‘Paul’,  then saw and treated up to 30 patients a day.  The majority of patients suffered from severe musculo-skeletal disorders, many with prolapsed intervertebral discs and chronic sciatica.  Some had failed to improve, or had deteriorated after surgical interventions.  There were also a number of patients with a diverse range of problems, from multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease,  through to inflammatory bowel disease, and other multi-system disorders.

The clinic is run on a professional basis, with the administration competently managed by Gillian Brown.  After a brief history is taken in note form at consultation, ‘Paul’ works with unwavering concentration.  He is courteous and respectful in all his consultations and demonstrates remarkable clinical acumen, especially in the field of back disorders.  I personally saw a number of patients who attended with an established history of severe medical problems which remained untouched by a range of physical treatments.  Most responded immediately and with demonstrable success to the healing intervention, so that back pain, which had profoundly restricted movement, for example, was entirely or substantially relieved.  I am not able to comment personally on long-term follow-up, but I am told that the majority of these patients remain well.

The technique used involves physical touch and the manipulation of joints and soft tissues.  However this is not to be confused with osteopathic or chiropractic manipulations as the bony structures are not handled in any way that gives rise to the risk of injury or other trauma.  There may be some discomfort but the client is warned of this.  On the few occasions when articles of clothing needed to be removed, the patient was chaperoned and towels were placed over the patient appropriately.

These interventions differ from the more usual practice in spiritual healing of working without body contact.  Also importantly, Ray Brown is a trance medium working in trance as ‘Paul’.  However it should be emphasised that during his clinical work as ‘Paul’ he is entirely alert and fully conscious, taking the term in its usual sense, so that patients have the experience of being seen by a competent and experienced clinical practitioner.  ‘Paul’ also discussed at length with me his understanding of pathology and the basis of neuromuscular disorders so that we could see in what ways his ideas are similar to, and different from, current medical understanding.  It is noteworthy in this regard that ‘Paul’ wishes to share his thinking with medical practitioners so as to help build a bridge between physical and spiritual medicine.  Finally ‘Paul’ did not offer any advice that conflicated with the patient’s medical practitioner and where doubt existed, he suggested that the patient consult their own doctor.

From the point of view of those many people clearly seeking healing and physical relief from pain and distress, the work that Ray and Gillian Brown are doing impressed me as being of great value and I do not doubt that they are entirely conscientious and sincere in their therapeutic approach.   Dr. Andrew Powell MA, MRCP, FRC Psych//July 2003

Disclaimer **

Ray Brown is not medically trained and relies on guidance from the spirit known as Paul of Tarsus. The validity and success of their healing method can not be guaranteed. Each person must make up their own mind and understand the healing method is not a medical process. 

You may wish to watch the BBC documentaries and read the testimonials to help you form your own opinion.