“I am Paul. A Servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert.”

-Paul of Tarsus


World renowned Spiritual Healer/Spiritual Surgeon


Dear Paul, Ray and Gillian,

Testimonial – May 2011

It was November 2010 when I first had an appointment with Paul,  that is Paul of Tarsus. Somehow I had managed to get from home to be sitting in front of him and there I was. Nervous, bewildered at what I had accomplished to get there,  in a mental state of  ‘all time low’  from what the specialists and doctors had told me about my health.

Home for me is with my husband in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, I had never left my husband voluntarily in our 22 years of being together.    Although we had been apart before it was never of our own choosing.   So that somehow above consisted of stating to my husband, “I need to go and see this man,  I want to go and I know there are no guarantees, but do you mind?”

By the time I got to see Paul, well, I was a wreck.    All I can remembering saying to him was, “I do not want an operation with the medical.”   I just did not have it in me to go through all my history yet again.   I could only manage to speak of what the doctors had diagnosed me with over the last 18 months.    It was not because I did not trust Paul, or was there to test him, but I just did not have in me to say much more.   I was struggling to say something positive,   I remember trying to think of and state the new labels I had been given and made a bad job of an explanation.    I know that day I leaned on Paul’s graciousness.

In a nutshell, Paul has:-

–          Corrected my prolapsed disc (the words instant relief come to mind).

–          Straightened/Re-aligned the vertebrae between C5 and C7.

–          Untrapped various nerves in my neck and lower lumber region.

–          Done something to my thorax region, Ooh…lovely, lovely…no more pain there!

–          Found my Carpel Tunnel and worked on that.

–          Informed me that I had a hiatus hernia and worked on that. I did not know I had that!

After the very first treatment, the very next day I could actually look down at my dinner. Considering I had not done that for a year I was more than impressed!   With further treatments and spiritual operations with Paul, the improvements over the last six months are incredible.    The following are just in insight to the changes that have  happened to me:

–          My spine is straight.  I can feel the difference.

–          Not one muscle spasm.   None what so ever since my first operation in February 2010.

–          For the first time ever in years, my thoracic region is sorted. Great!

–          Minimal lower/lumber region pain. Oh such joy!

–          No pain or minimal twinges in my jaw and ears.  Wonderful! I have been back and forth to dentist and doctors without success.

–          Minimal twinges of tightness and discomfort in the back of my head.

–          I don’t feel sick with pain.

–          I can laugh.   My husband says he has never heard me laugh so much in a long time.

–          The biggest and best is I am just not in the deep seated shearing pain I used to be in.

It is really strange; at times I wonder is this how normal healthy people are.    Wow, it is so different without being in  pain whenever I do anything.

After the first operation, it took Paul, Gillian and their helper Rita  to  raise me to my feet, when I stood up, wow, the difference, in that split second as I stood on my own I knew I had left the old Dawn, that poorly body on that operation table and this was a something new, something different.    In my mind, finally, I was back.   Everyone asked me if I was ok.    When I tried to speak nothing came out.    My mind was so busy marvelling at the relief, this new body of mine I wanted that moment to last forever.    I just did not want the bubble to burst.    I did not want to upset anything.    After all those years of suffering, all those years of hoping for a cure.   Because of my delayed reply, Paul asked me for the second time, if I was ok, eventually I managed to squeak out a feeble ‘Yes’.    Mentally, I was just so overwhelmed because I knew this was the beginning of restoring my body.

I have recalled that moment of leaving that so poorly body on that table, so many times. In reality, I had to ‘let everything heal’.    The inflammation was mega, big time; tender does not really describe how I was,    but in my mind I knew, I was on my way to freedom of no longer being so ill.    All I could manage was a big cheesy grin.

Most people start with their history,   mine is so long and drawn out its depressing.   It is only six months later I can write about it.    I first went to the Doctors in September 1998.    My UK medical records back in November 1998 state there is probably early narrowing at C5/6 and minor anterior osteophytosis.   Ironically, in 1998 my UK GP originally suspected I had a cervical disc prolapsed causing my problems.    In 1999, the Orthopaedic surgeon suspected thoracic outlet obstruction.    He did confirm to my GP, a disc bulge, but no compromise or nerve impingement.     I was never advised any of this.      A year after that first X-ray I was advised; normal wear and tear for someone your age,    it is to be expected.   My medical records also show the UK EMG test was only of my wrist, not of my spine.

My reply to “I cannot find anything amiss” was to burst into tears and ask why everything hurt so much.  “Why is my body in so much pain?”   The orthopaedic surgeon look bewildered at my tears and said “Well… it is not a health matter I can resolve.”    Not long after that, I was referred to a Rheumatologist.    In November 2000 I was given the label of ‘Fibromyalgia’.

Over the next few years as my UK GP states ‘I waxed and waned.’  Eventually in February 2005 I was medically retired.  That’s when we moved to Tenerife.  I thought six months in the sun and I’ll go back to work!   Well, that plan went wrong.   I spent the first nine months sleeping most afternoons and all night as well.   I think my body went into shut down.   By 2009 the muscle spasms, the pain in my neck, head and arms were bad.   I knew I was going backwards not forward but could not understand it.

In May 2009 I went to the GP for the usual prescription of painkillers, he wanted more history and decided to start round two again on the X-rays, MRI scans etc.    In fairness, I was so fed-up of doctors and  hospitals, I used to quickly get my prescription and get out of the surgery as fast as able avoiding any conversation if possible.   The first X-ray provided new labels of severe cervical Spondiloartrosis between C5-C7 and Osteoporosis in my lumber region. “This is so painful,” the GP shouted out and fetched the nurse in to look at my X-rays in disbelief!    My husband and I were in shock.    Here was the first Doctor after 11 years recognising my pain in medical capacity.   The MRI scan showed the prolapsed disc pressing on the spinal cord.   After that I spoke with a National Health Neurosurgeon and then in 2010 a private Neurosurgeon who explained; the good news was that I was only chronically ill as there was another stage above me!  “What! No!” I exclaimed.   The next stage is Acute.   In his Canarian manner he could not believe the British sense of humour of I’m only a chronic and not a cutie!   My heart goes out to those acute people.   He offered to operate within the year.   He stressed he could not cure me; this was only a way just to give me a few years relief from the pain.   I was so close to writing that cheque out, but knew in reality I needed to think about this.   So much could go wrong.

August 2010 an EMG test concluded I was chronically ill with permanent damage to my spinal cord  it proved I had a neurological problem.    I remember sitting at the hospital with the Spanish translator blinking back tears trying not to think of never having my life back.  Hence that first operation was such a big turning point.    By then I’d taken to sleeping on the floor.    The EMG also showed the Carpel Tunnel.   Crikey,   I did not want any more tests; they just keep finding more labels.    Though, later on Paul did ask me how long I had had my Hiatus Hernia!

The specialists here in Tenerife are of different opinions some say the Fibromyalgia still stands, it is all connected.   Others say, no, this is your real illness!    I did ask Paul does it really matter.   But for paperwork purposes it does.

Late September 2010, a friend, Babs Powdrill of over twenty years told me about a trance medium called Ray Brown and how Paul of Tarsus, a Neurosurgeon from the spirit world could help.   Babs told me in her opinion ‘Paul was the best,’  ‘the top one to see’.   After going onto the website reading the testimonials it was enough to make up my mind.   I had to go and see Paul. I had no idea what a trance medium was, did not really comprehend the concept of a spirit using Ray’s body and you only meet Paul.   Though I was open to believe there was a spirit world to be tapped into by some folks!    By my 3rd visit I had read both of Ray´s books twice and completely in awe of them.

Paul’s patience far exceeds the number of patients he treats; he never seems to tire of any of his patients seeking his help.   Paul helps each and every one of us with the relief of the suffering we are experiencing with the same constant treatment to all.   To have that ability day after day, month after month, year after year is just incredible.   If only we living people could incorporate some of this attribute into our daily lives…

Had it not been for the Doctor here at home (in 2009) seeing me on a really bad day and sending me for X-rays I would never have known I had a serious neck problem.   I don’t have any harsh thoughts of my ordeal in the UK.    My UK GP was very supportive.    Though, I do sit and wonder what if a trance medium had been there with the specialist to help diagnose and treat me way back then?   Could that really be the future?

Over the years I have been pummelled, stretched, pulled, twisted, had bones manipulated and been a pin cushion (acupuncture), all with alternative treatments.   Paul is the only person after all these years to have treated the core problems,   and trust me…Ooh, my goodness, he sure does know where to find those hotspots.

On reflection, I guess I wanted to believe, had even dared to think that Paul was going to be ‘that someone  to do something to help me.´  I was really not quite sure how much longer I could keep going, was again thinking what else I could give up to lessen this pain that came every time I did anything.   I knew mentally I was giving in. I was concerned and was wondering in a positive way; how was I going to get through the next ten years and beyond and I’m not even 50 yet!

All throughout my treatments, I completely trust Paul.   I was not expecting a quick fix or wanting an instant cure.    I just needed some relief from the pain whenever I tried to do anything.   I have got far more than I expected.   I am absolutely amazed and in awe.  Paul has operated on me twice now.   Paul, Ray and Gillian have all gone more than an extra mile in helping me.   They did not have to, but did, because that is what they naturally ‘just do’.   It is only because of their commitment, experience and knowledge; I am where I am today.   Thank you does not seem an adequate word to convey my gratitude.    They have given me a start to a different future.   I will always have my weak spots and osteophytes and now learning to be careful.   Steadily and slowly over the last six months I have healed and still healing today.   I am not there yet, I have already improved much more than I ever dare possibly dreamed of and I know there is more to come.    With all this help, my body is repairing itself.    It is a beautiful recovery of learning to be without my illnesses.

With much love to you all,

Dawn Hull

Disclaimer **

Ray Brown is not medically trained and relies on guidance from the spirit known as Paul of Tarsus. The validity and success of their healing method can not be guaranteed. Each person must make up their own mind and understand the healing method is not a medical process. 

You may wish to watch the BBC documentaries and read the testimonials to help you form your own opinion.