“I am Paul. A Servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert.”

-Paul of Tarsus


World renowned Spiritual Healer/Spiritual Surgeon


Hello, I just wanted to send an email to give a huge thanks to both Paul and Ray for the treatment that myself and my partner had  last Saturday!  I went with an open mind but not really having much of an idea about the whole process.  Since leaving on Saturday me and my partner Dayne are absolutely amazed by the whole experience and how we feel so very much better!  I have just watched several old and new television documentaries on both Ray and Paul and I have much greater understanding of what happens.  I think the time and dedication that Ray gives to helping people and missing out on his own life (in a way) is just beyond kind and generous!  What a fantastic man Ray is as well as Paul!  My Nanna told me about Ray and Paul but without actually experiencing it for yourself you do not appreciate and believe what really happens.  I bet it is so frustrating that people who haven’t been to you don’t believe what a true talent that you have!  I wish everyone knew about you and that I could tell the world about you and that everyone would believe!  Again, thank you so very much.  Warmest wishes, and I will be back in January.   December 13/2012

Disclaimer **

Ray Brown is not medically trained and relies on guidance from the spirit known as Paul of Tarsus. The validity and success of their healing method can not be guaranteed. Each person must make up their own mind and understand the healing method is not a medical process. 

You may wish to watch the BBC documentaries and read the testimonials to help you form your own opinion.